Criminal Law

We represent clients when in trouble with the Law from possession of marijuana, Driving under the influence alcohol. drugs, assault, robbery, probation violations, Possession and distribution of illegal drugs. We can examine the charges and the case against you for any technical legal Violations in the apprehension/arrest. First, if you were arrested as a result of a traffic checkpoint, the checkpoint Or roadblock must be scrutinized to determine if it met the legal guidelines of The US Supreme Court and the Georgia Supreme court decisions. If you were pulled over and subsequently arrested, we will examine whether the Officer had the legal right to search your vehicle. Did they stop you for a reason that the Officer can reasonably articulate to the court as reasonable suspicion that a violation of law has occurred. The evidence against you can be suppressed at a Hearing if the stop was not legal or extends beyond the reason for it. In a recent Court of Appeals case the Defendant was stopped for speeding, refused permission to search the vehicle. The driver was retained while the officer called for the drug sniffing dogs. The court overturned his conviction because the Officer was not able to give a reason to continue the investigation beyond the original purpose which was a speeding violation. The courts have also found that nervousness is not acceptable as the sole reason for detaining an individual based on suspicion a crime has occurred.